This Is

Our culture inspires our approach day-to-day and defines how we serve our clients and our communities.

It Started At
The Kitchen Table

Our unique trio of founding partners – Joe, Alvin, and Henry – huddled up around a common goal: their desire to help young athletes manage the challenges and opportunities of newfound wealth. That conversation evolved, our team was engineered, and the Procapita platform came to life.

A Platform Powered
By A Mission

We strive to empower our clients with best-in-class knowledge, services, and technology, protecting their wealth, facilitating opportunities for growth, and igniting their entrepreneurial passions within our community of expertise and support.

Fueled By The Strength Of A Community

We’re building a tightly-knit community of talented and successful people – from our management team to our boards – that aspire to be part of something greater than themselves. The Procapita advisory board gives clients a bedrock of thoughtful support with the tailwinds of collaboration and partnership in achieving their goals.


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A User Experience
Like No Other

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